Utopia Capital Research

Utopia Capital Research has until now used a standard WordPress theme for their website, and was interested in getting a full overhaul of their website which was hosted on Wordpress' own hosting. To avoid as much downtime as possible the design was made on my own server, then applied to the live site, this resultet in a downtime of only a few hours.

They use WordProof timestamping to confirm that content they publish is not tampered with or changed, so the redisign needed to avoid editing any posts to avoid breaking the stamp. This was successfull.

The design started with a template which has been altered to fit Utopia Capitals needs and wants. It is responsive and works just as well on phones as it does desktops. The hero on the top of the page is animated both in text and background, and is sure to stoke interest from visitors.

You can see the result at https://www.utopiacap.com

You can find more projects I've done here.

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