Dotnetklubben has long adhered to a simple website with an associated forum in addition to a closed Facebook group for its communication online. Having started up properly as a voluntary organization, they wanted to do something about this and get a professional looking website. In addition, Dotnetklubben wanted a graphic profile that matched this year's theme "Gamenight".

With this information as a starting point, I have designed a graphic profile with a rough neon look that depicts a sign for a kind of gaming club in a basement space. In addition to the logo itself, an animated loop has been designed which is used on the website and the Facebook header and which will also be used on stage during the event.

When it comes to the website, it is made on the basis that all essential information should be available on the front page. Here are links to ticket sales when applicable, otherwise the latest news from the blog and partners will be displayed. Furthermore, you can read what Dotnetklubben is and what they work for.

You can see the result live at www.dotnetklubben.org.