MovementPass is a newly establised company based in Norway that arose in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. They are making a mobile app that together with Blockchain technology is able to verify that the user is immune or has taken a vaccine for the virus making them safe for travel/events etc. This to avoid lockdowns in the future for people who do not need to be isolated.

Nettsiden i seg selv er utviklet i samarbeid med MovementPass sin designer og kjører Hello-temaet til Elementor, som er et lett tema uten noe unødvendig som kan være med på å gjøre nettsiden “tung”, her er alt designet og implementert i Elementor fra scratch og testet sammen med MovementPass og designeren selv. Alt er mobiltilpasset og kjører minst mulig plugins, samt er godt beskyttet mot angrep ved hjelp av Cerber.

The site is hosted with their business hosting provider and this has been the first time I had to step into the shoes of a server admin, but with the help from their tech support it was smooth sailing.

You can see the results at


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